Terms and Conditions

This is normally the page with really boring solicitors speak about the ‘party of the first part’ and the rights of the ‘seller’ and the ‘purchaser’ an the documents of International Trade Agreements and something called ‘Indemnity’.

Well, we at The Robert Todd & Son Yarn Store like to be simple, direct and bring back some old fashioned common sense.

So…if you like our yarn we are very happy to sell it to you.


You can shop on our site and add your selection to the yarn bag in the usual way. When you have finished shopping please proceed to the check out and then if you happy with your selection please click ‘purchase yarns’ – this will generate an email to you and us. We will then process your order and when it is ready to despatch (please allow approx 7-10 working days) we will contact you to arrange payment and take delivery instructions. Therefore, we only take payment when the exact weights are known and the yarn is ready to leave us .


If you have a problem with knitting our yarn please tell us as soon as the problem is apparent by calling us and we can talk it through. We can either advise how to solve it or if it is unsolved and it is our fault we will replace it.

Cancellation Policy:

If you change your mind and want to cancel / amend your order, this is ok if you let us know within 24 hours of ordering.  After this time your yarn will be in transit from Italy, and it'll be too late to cancel. You will be invoiced for your order.



A quick note on the weight of our cones – this can cause ‘discussions’. The spinners of our beautiful yarns operate on an industrial scale and it is often difficult to have cones of an exact size and weight.

Our Extrafine merino yarn, Cashwool is delivered on cones of approx 1.5 kilos whilst all other yarns are delivered on cones of approx 1 kilo but in reality cone size can vary.

Another quick note! This time about something called ‘Conditioned Weight’ – we couldn’t avoid the technical term, sorry. All yarns go through a ‘conditioning’ process which is like being in a steam room. This adds moisture and enables the yarn to be knitted. If it didn’t enjoy this Turkish Bath it would be dry and brittle and break your machines. This adds to the weight to the cones which is not yarn but effectively water. But don’t forget we need water not only to live but to knit!


Now we need to get our beautiful yarns to you and we need to know they will arrive safely, so we use a courier. We could use the Postal service if you prefer, which could be a little cheaper but if it goes astray we’re afraid there is nothing we can do other than to sue the post office and this just takes time and money for lawyers.

For our lovely customers who live in slightly ‘out-of-the-way’ places we will have to quote you a price on each shipment as we can’t follow our usual prices because the courier companies sometimes charge us more. I guess there is a price to pay for living with such a fabulous view!

Kilos Transport Costs (UK only)
0-5 £12.60
6-10 £14.99
11-15 £17.51
16-20 £21.29
21-25 £27.59
26-30 £32.63
31-35 £47.75
36-40 £50.27
41-45 £56.57
46-50 £61.61

The Company

The Yarn Store is the trading name for Robert Todd and Son Ltd. The registered office address is C/O Armstrong Watson, Fairview House, 15 Victoria Place, Carlisle, CA1 1EW. Company Registration number 4033938


Happy Knitting